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“Happy Hospitals Make Happy Patients”…

11 Feb


… Or says a study recently published in Science Daily. The research, conducted by University of Michigan Professor John Griffith, concludes:

In a newly published report, Griffith examined the attributes of 34 community hospitals in nine states that have earned the Health Care Sector Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, a nationally recognized quality benchmark for various industries.

Griffith’s findings suggest that the single-biggest factor in patient satisfaction is hospital employee morale, which starts with outside-the-box thinking at the very top management levels.

These community hospitals had the happiest patients and caregivers, but only because these hospitals departed radically from traditional hospital management, Griffith says.

My co-author Leigh Branham and I conducted a study of the employee engagement in over 100 hospitals, and came to the same conclusion– there is a direct link between employee engagement  and patient satisfaction. Moreover, employee at hospitals with very low engagement results were far more likely to report patient safety and other complaince-related problems, something no hospital wants. Perhaps one way to deal with our health care crisis is to create more engaged workplaces like these honored today.

The Key to Engaged Employees and Loyal Customers at Virgin Media? Listening.

10 Feb


Looking for a specific approaches to improve two-way communication so that employees will stay engaged? This story was reported at the online site of People Management:

Virgin Media has strengthened its network of employee engagement champions to shape policy within the organisation, Gemma Webb, head of people engagement at the company, told delegates at the CIPD’s employee engagement conference The network of engagement champions is set up through national, divisional and local bodies known as ‘voice forums’.  Virgin Media’s national voice forum meets every eight weeks and is involved in the engagement agenda, Webb told delegates.  

 And why does the company go to these lengths?

 The importance of employee engagement had been established by the founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson, remarked Webb. “It’s the understanding that if we take care of our people then they will take care of our customers and shareholders. It makes strong commercial sense and it’s morally right.  

 Ah, yet another learned voice encouraging us that the link between engaged employees and customer care is right under our noses. Their efforts are very much in keeping with our research findings we present in Beating the Bear Market with Engaged Employees. Perhaps the approach at Virgin Media won’t work the best for you, but do take inspiration that one critical component of maintaining a highly engaged workforce, one that takes care of customers and helps our businesses profit, lies in closing our mouths and opening our ears.


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