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Hello– talofa!

I’m looking forward to using this space to share, learn and grow with you.

My professional interest is in workplace culture and what leaders are doing to build inspiring, productive workplaces that work for everyone. I also want to think through how our society can do a better job of integrating individuals with disabilities where we work, live and recreate and, in doing so, become a richer, more productive, and dare I say more civilized, society.

I’m also currently posting daily job search tips on social media and will use this as a place where folks can look at everything I’ve written on this topic.

I’ve spent the last twenty years thinking about employee engagement, great workplaces, and how more inspired workplace produces better business results. I co-authored a book called Re-Engage: How America’s Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort in Extraordinary Times, published by McGraw-Hill, with Leigh Branham. Buy at Amazon here.

My wife Nancy and I have two wonderful children, and we live in The Twin Cities. Prior to the pandemic we watched our beloved Minnesota Twins and coached our son in Special Olympics events. We miss both!

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Disclaimer– the views on this site on mine and do not necessarily represent the views of current or former employers and/or clients.

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