“Just The Hired Help”

25 Jan


A friend related this story of his former place of work. Although he made good money and was asked to be involved in some cool things with the company owners, this was not a business that had a reputation as being employer-of-choice.

One night he was returning home from a nice dinner at a community event the company sponsored, and told his wife he thought this was pretty special they had been invited to the gala. His wife paused for a moment and said: “Yea, this was a nice night. But you know about this family. Don’t ever forget Rod that you’re just the hired help.”

Not long after that he found out the truth of this statement as he left the firm, frustrated that he wasn’t supported and provided opportunities to grow where it really counted– on the job. He’s now a recognized leader with a competitor, who was delighted to acquire his services.

If you’re a leader, is that what your employees might say about you? What is it about your approach to working with them that makes them feel this way? What could you do in the next week to turn that around? In this challenging times we can’t afford to have our employees feel they’re “just the hired help”.

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