Lousy Leadership, Ketchup Only

26 Aug


 A conversation I overheard at my favorite local burger joint today:

John: Hey Steve, great to see you! How’s it going?

Steve: Good. A lot better than when we were working together at ____. (To save embarrassment and a likely law suit, the employer shall remain anonymous.)

John: I hear you– I’m so glad to be gone from that place and out of the control of the owner. You couldn’t trust a thing the man said, or most of his supervisors. The only one you could trust was Bill. He was young, but was smart and you could count on what he said.

Steve: Yea, Bill is great. In fact, he hired on with my new company. We’re working together again, and our new boss couldn’t be more pleased. Bill is still pretty young, but he’s smart and shoots straight.

John: So Bill’s working with you, huh?

Steve: Yep. We’ve got some openings. Want me to put a good word in for you?

The same story, over and over. Employees being chased out by dishonest leadership. I kept thinking how glad the competition must be to have an employer who chases good employees, particularly a young “up and comer”, right into their hands.

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