Your High Potentials May Be On Their Way Out The Door

30 Aug


From Talent Management, a study that reports high potential employees may still change jobs in spite of the recession:

High-potential employees aren’t afraid to strike out for greater opportunities despite the continuing recession, according to a study of how the best and brightest of high-potential talent have weathered the global recession over the past 18 months. The report released by Catalyst, “Opportunity or Setback? High Potential Women and Men During Economic Crisis,” offers an overview of the current workplace and recommends that even during international economic instability, employee retention must remain a foremost concern for businesses.

The article continues:

Overall, this study demonstrated that high potential women and men are successfully working through the recession with continued choices in employment and prospects for growth. Talent managers who view the economy as an opportunity to scale down on retention efforts should seriously reconsider in light of these surprising findings.

Our research confirms this point. We see many talented employees who are “sullen and near mutinous”, who are not being led in a way that gives them confidence in their current employer. Many are willing to take the calculated risk to find a place where they can grow and be recognized for contributing to a business that won’t ignore them.

A fews years from now we will fondly remember some businesses who hit the scrap heap and say “too bad they couldn’t hang on to their best and brightest– it might have made a difference.

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