Some Workplaces Healthier Than Others

30 Oct


According to a study publishes by CNN some workplaces are definitely not good for your health! Thankfully, some are actually quite healthy. The study cites several factors that differentiate betweeen the two cohorts. The research for our book reaches similar conclusions. I’m convinced we can help our employees become healthier and more productive using these guidlines:

Not all workplaces are created equal when it comes to health. In fact, 38 percent of workers at certain jobs — called “effective” workplaces in the report — were much more likely to say they were in excellent health. Conversely, only 19 percent of employees in workplaces with a low effectiveness rating reported being in excellent health.

So what makes an effective workplace? Six factors make a difference, Galinsky says. Workers may feel healthier if they have “learning opportunities and challenge, a good fit between work and personal life, autonomy, having a supervisor who supports job success, economic security — no surprise in this economy — and a work climate of respect and trust,” she says.

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