Engaging Employees– More Important Than Ever

17 Jan


I know our current economic situation is difficult. But let’s not make that an excuse to stop doing what we should as leaders—developing and mentoring! The comment below comes from an executive at a company that has been recognized for their outstanding engagement:

There is a spirit of teamwork (here) – more so than any other company I have worked at before and people are looked to for specialties so there is a way to stand out. As a executive, I know that we are constantly trying to develop and mentor anyone at more junior levels and teach them to manage as well.

May I be so bold to say that this may be the best time to focus our efforts on development, particularly with our best and brightest? I’m sure this executive is worried about the future of her business, but she still feels confident that the culture she and the rest of her executive team has created will help them get through these bumpy times. I think she’s right, don’t you?

One Response to “Engaging Employees– More Important Than Ever”

  1. DebbieNorris April 24, 2009 at 10:23 pm #

    I don’t think it’s too bold to say that. I think it’s 100% true. Economic downturns make people worried and less engaged. If there’s ever been a time to work on this sort of thing, it’s now.

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