When Engagement Leads To Gratitude

17 Jan


Is employee development an essential part of your employment brand? In this current economy we still are finding employers who are making that investment, one we know will help them weather this storm. Here’s a comment from an employer known for their high levels of engagement. It’s a testament to their efforts and, more importantly, a common remark for them. You can immediately sense the gratitude this employee is expressing:


(The company) is not afraid of taking chances on individuals, and that personally has allowed me to be promoted and move into my current job. When employees may not always have the usually expected experience for a position, the firm provides the means necessary to get that knowledge and experience.



  • Is this how you feel about your job? If not, perhaps you need to seek out an employer who, in thick and thin, can make this happen.
  • If you’re a manager, is this how your employees feel?

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