The Silver Lining, Part 1

19 Jan

I had lunch last week with an executive at a company that, not unlike the rest of us, is having some challenges conducting business in the current economic conditions. Although typical business indicators are running in the red, he did note one opportunity:

I’ve had a job posting running for a few weeks, and I’m getting more quality candidates that I could have ever imagined– certainly more than I would have had six months ago. I told my boss this may be the silver lining in this economic crisis– our ability to secure talent that we would not have otherwise.”

Indeed, you may have some opportunities like this.

  • Are you ready to take advantage of those opportunities to upgrade your talent?
  • Can you make a strong argument why that talent should join you?
  • If you’re not ready, what can you do in the next five business days to strengthen your brand so that those talented candidates choose you?

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