No Needle, No Haystack

20 Jan

Another lunch last week produced this conversation: A good friend was working with a company that was having difficulty hiring for a certain role, a challenge that had plagued them for years. They asked my friend to think about ways they could expand their talent pool for this particular job.

It became clear to him that the company was looking for people with a unique set of qualifications that didn’t really exist, at least not in the quantity this company needed to sustain their growth. Rather than help them expand their talent pool for this role he helped them re-scope the job! By taking away some responsibilities that could be done by others and increasing the span of control of the position, they actually expanded the pool of potential candidates for the redesigned role.

Are you looking for a needle in a haystack? What roles in your company are you having difficulty sourcing, and would a job redesign increase your chances of finding the right talent?

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