Time CAN Fly

1 Oct

Can time really fly?

I’m not a physicist, so tackling such a weighty question is probably above my pay grade. But when you listen to employees who are engaged in their work, who have a passion for what they do and are supported by leaders who care for them and support their development, you begin to wonder if great workplaces begin to break the laws of physics.

I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop on self-engagement recently, and one participant talked about how time really does seem to fly for her:

I just love working here. There are days I get so engrossed in what I’m doing that I look up and can’t believe it’s five o’clock! Sure, there are times that get stressful, but most days time flies by.

I contrast that with other folks I’ve interviewed who are not engaged at work. For them time doesn’t fly. They say:

Work is so boring. It seems like it takes forever. Time just drags.

I know where I’d rather be, don’t you?

If time isn’t flying in your work, may you need to think about whether you’re really engaged. To give you a sense of your self engagement you can complete, at no cost, our Self-Engagement Survey.  You can also download a report that shows how engaged you are compared to employees at hundreds of other companies.

Want time to fly by at work? Get re-engaged.

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