JOB SEARCH TIP: “Temp to Perm” as a job search strategy.

5 Jul

Donna was interested in working for a particular company, but there was a hiring freeze on for permanent roles.

Not a problem.

Donna identified an agency that placed people in “temp jobs” for that company. Donna was placed in a job there. It wasn’t a job that was great, but she got herself in the door.

A couple of months later Donna saw an ad for a permanent position, and she applied. When the hiring manager asked where she was currently working, Donna said: “one floor up”, and offered her current manager as a reference.

She was hired on the spot.

This may not be a path you would pursue, but I offer it as an example of a creative way to eventually get to a goal you have, such as Donna wanting to work for a specific employer and using a temporary job to move her forward in her career.

Need some creative job strategies? Let Donna inspire you.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free:

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