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JOB SEARCH TIP: Making the most of a “bridge” job.

24 Oct

While most of us want our dream job, the reality is we may have to settle for something less.

If an ideal job isn’t available, you can choose a “bridge job”, which I define as less than ideal but one you can be employed now and use to “bridge” to that better opportunity.

Sometimes a bridge job is just about getting a paycheck. But here are some other ways you can think about this tactic:

  • Learn a new skill. Consider bridge jobs where you can learn a new skill or gain experience that would make you more valuable for your future dream job.
  • Make new contacts. Choose a job where you could make some contacts that could help you in your career.
  • References. Be awesome in your bridge job so that you earn a reference.

Not all bridge jobs are created equal. If you choose this route, pick a bridge job that helps you move forward, which gets you from one side of the bridge to the other.

It’s a great day. Let’s get moving.

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JOB SEARCH TIP: There is bias in the hiring process—a story from Dr. Clifton

23 Oct

Don was at a national sales meeting of a client. He heard people whispering about a man across the room. Although the man had on a nice sports coat and tie, he apparently had made a faux paus with his socks…

They were white.

Don found out later that the man with the white socks, although ridiculed, was outstanding. In fact, his hecklers didn’t know that later that day he was being honored at the meeting.

Don deemed his peers suffered from “glare”, where in this instance they were evaluating this man wearing white socks which, of course, has absolutely no relationship to his productivity and success.

If Don was alive today, he wouldn’t call it glare. He would call it #bias.

There is way too much “glare” in the world of work, too much bias, including in the #hiring process.

We must fight against this bias. If you are in the #jobsearch, you may face this because:

~ Of your age

~ Of your gender

~ Because you are a person with a #disability

~ You are #unemployed

~ Your sexual orientation

And, five months after the death of George Floyd in my home of MSO, there is bias because of your ethnicity.

I don’t have all the answers to fight this, but maybe a place to start is to do this—let’s name it. There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community:

“Let’s capture the moment”: Inspiration across the employee experience.

22 Oct

The singer Rihanna was right—we need to capture the moments, in this case the moments when you can inspire employees. Key moments to account for are:

~ In “Decision Day”, inspire prospective employees to join your organization, which is a way to differentiate yourself in securing the right talent,

~ In “First Day”, inspire new employees to get off to a great start, as employees who are onboarded more effectively can contribute more quickly,

~ In “Every Day”, inspire employees as they make meaningful progress toward their goals, because every day they’re successful is a key to your ongoing success,

~ In “Achievement Day”, inspire employees who achieve important results so they feel a continued commitment to the organization, and

~ In “Referral Day”, inspire employees who are great advocates for the organization who help you secure new customers and prospective employees.

Along each of these moments there are ways to inspire employees. Our research shows that more inspired employees will help you achieve your company goals.

Capture the moments and enjoy great success.

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My employer has created a free site to recognize folks. Use it as often as you would like! Give some appreciation, right now:

JOB SEARCH TIP: Evaluate the safety culture of prospective employers.

21 Oct

As I publish this, here in the United States we look to be heading into a “third wave” of COVID-19 infections– be safe out there, friends.

There was an article in the newspaper about a woman who was recently invited for an in-person job interview. She thought it went well, but didn’t get a call back.

She followed up and found the position had been filled. When she asked why they hired someone else, they said: “When you came in for an interview you wore your mask the entire time. We thought you might be one of those people who will complain about every safety issue.”

Each of us will need to make a decision about what kind of work environment for which we will feel comfortable. In the case above, the woman was actually relieved she found out that their values regarding safety weren’t the same as hers, and went onto her next career opportunity.
I used to work for a utility that highly valued safety, and I never felt unsafe when I worked there. That was important to me, so in that case my values and the values of my employer were aligned.

Use online resources to understand the safety culture of a prospective employer. Additionally, you can use networking skills to gain additional insights.

Do your homework. Find a job that is right for you in an environment and culture that fits what is important to you.

JOB SEARCH TIP: Bill Gates gave some leadership advice you can use in your job search.

20 Oct

“Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve tackled every new big problem the same way: by starting off with two questions…Who has dealt with this problem? And what can we learn from them?” ~Bill Gates

If you’re in leadership at a company, this is terrific advice. But it also can help you in your job search:

~ If you’re targeting a specific company (let’s say it’s Microsoft since I’m quoting Bill Gates), there are people who have just been hired. Network your way to them and gain their advice and guidance about why they got hired. What was the company looking for? What were their challenges? You can learn a lot from someone who just went through the process.

~ If you’re wanting to move into what is a new industry for you, someone has already done that. Follow the same path to gain insights about how this person navigated these challenges. How did they showcase their “transferrable skills”, for example? What homework did they do to gain an understanding of key industry trends?

Most every challenge you are facing in your job search has been addressed by someone else. Take the advice of Mr. Gates and learn from those who have set at path of success before you.

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There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community: 

JOB SEARCH TIP: Is the grass always greener on the other side? Looking at other opportunities.

19 Oct

A friend of mine didn’t seem happy with his current job and industry. He was paid well and was good at what he did, but felt like there would be other work that would provide him with additional satisfaction.

He decided to conduct a series of confidential networking interviews with folks in two industries for which he had interest.

Before his interviews he did some research, learning about the industries, trends and challenges. He then had confidential conversations with several folks in the industry. After the meetings he told me:

“Mark, I guess the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

He didn’t make a career change, but he viewed the effort as a success. In his case, he learned that he actually was in a pretty good position, and recommitted himself.

If you have a job, it doesn’t hurt to look. You may find a great opportunity, or you may find the grass on your side of the fence is just fine.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community. This content is free. Please pass along: 

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JOB SEARCH TIP: The chores are never “done”.

17 Oct

I spend some time as a kid on a farm, where very morning we were given “chores”. Specifically, we were told to “get our chores don’t.”

Sometime along the way I realized the chores are never “done”. You complete them one day and then the same chores are there for you the next day.

When it comes to your job search, there will be some activities that will/should also never be done:

~ You need to keep networking, increasing the number of people who know, as the next contact could be very important to your search,

~ You must continue to follow up on every job opportunity that is still open, letting them know you’re still interested,

~ You need to continue doing your homework, learning about companies, markets and trends.

~ You need to continuing preparing for each interview, making sure you know how to tell your story to a way that helps you advance.

~ Even after you land, you should still keep up the chore of networking, which can help you learn about your current job and prepare you for the next.

Want to give yourself the best chance to land a new job? Embrace your chores.

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community. Please pass along: 

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JOB SEARCH TIP: “In the Zone”—when does time fly for you?

17 Oct

You hear athletes talk about times when they are “in the zone”, when they’re performing at a high level and time seems to fly.

Research shows that all of us can experience this feeling, and if we are in the right job can experience this in our work.

Think back on you prior work experiences:

  • Have you had times when you felt “in the zone”?
  • If so, what were you doing?
  • With whom were you working?
  • What may have gotten in the way of that feeling?

You will likely be more successful and enjoy your next job more if it gives you an opportunity to be in the zone.

Want a satisfying job? Find your zone.

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JOB SEARCH TIP: Watch your words, you know?

16 Oct

For a time I had a “hitch” in my speech. I said “you know” waaaay too much.

I didn’t realize it, but my frequently saying “you know” was distracting to others. The “you know” thing tended to get worse when I was nervous… like in a job interview.

Do you have a “hitch”?

You’ll never be able to replicate this perfectly, but practicing a job interview with someone may reveal a problem that could be distracting to an interviewer. Ideally, you would push “video” on your phone so could review the interview.

By the way, this advice is NOT directed to folks who have a disability that affects their speech which, sadly, will frequently be a bias they will have to overcome in securing a job.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout the videos reference. This content is free. Please consider passing along: 

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To inspire employees, plan your route before you head out the door.

15 Oct

There’s an old joke about a driver who was pulled over for speeding. When asked why so fast the driver said: “I don’t know where I’m going, but wherever it is I’m making record time.”

When it comes to corporate recognition programs, it feels like folks have often headed out the door going at full speed but without a map of where they want to go.

To maximize the investment in a recognition program, consider a few key questions:

~ How does a recognition program support our overall organizational objectives?

~ How can a recognition strategy support other initiatives, such as our desire to have a more inclusive culture?

~ Do our managers understand how recognition can impact business results?

~ What should be recognized annually, quarterly and even more frequently?

~ Do we recognize outcomes, or is progress toward success worth recognizing?

~ Who should be recognized?

~ What rewards would most inspire those who receive recognition?

Inspiring employees in these challenging times can be a key cultural differentiator. If you plan your route you’ll truly make record time.

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