Job Search Advice: Are employee survey results in the lobby?

10 Apr

Several years ago I worked with a company to conduct their annual employee engagement survey. After I presented their results I was asked to come back a few weeks later for another meeting. As I was waiting in the lobby I noticed a book on the coffee table.

I opened it up and found copies of all the reports of the survey I had just presented.

I was stunned.

When my contact came to fetch me I asked her why this was in the lobby: “We talked about it as a leadership team, and we decided that we wanted everyone who visits us, including prospective employees, to know how employees feel about working here.”

“As you know, not everything is positive in that report, but we wanted to be as transparent as possible.”

Then I was impressed.

Most companies don’t do this, but you can still learn about potential employers. Check out online company ratings. You can also talk with former and current employees.

Do your homework.

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