Job Search Advice: Skills + Interests = Strengths.

28 Feb

I’m sure you’re worried about getting a job and want to spend most of your time responding to postings and networking, but I’d like to encourage you to take time to consider jobs that fit your skills and interests.

How are skills and interests different?

I love to play golf (interest), but for the life of me I can’t make a three-foot putt (poor skill). On the other hand, I’m actually pretty good at project management (skill) but I hate doing it (definitely not an interest).

If we find a job where skills and interests align we’re likely to be happier and more successful.

There are a number of free self-assessments out there and some for a nominal fee. None of them are perfect, but they can give you guidance.

Additionally, ask others who know you to provide feedback on what they see in your skills.

Finally, think back on some of the occasions when you have been most successful. Detail those successes. Then review to find patterns of what you did that contributed to your successes. Your strengths generally will be a big part of those successes.

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