JOB SEARCH TIP: You’ve landed your job. Things aren’t great. Be awesome anyway.

15 Jul

You land the new job. You’re not sure you’ve made the right choice.

Be awesome anyway.

Your new co-workers are, at best, okay.

Be awesome anyway.

The pay and benefits are fine, but you’re not going to get rich.

Be awesome anyway.

This job looks interesting, but you’re not sure there are opportunities for you to grow here.

Be awesome anyway.

It’s a longer commute than you were planning, and that’s stressful.

Be awesome anyway.

There are far more reasons why a new job might not be great, and the temptation would be to mail it in while you look for something better.

If it’s really bad, go ahead and look for another job. But in the meantime give them more than an honest day’s work.


If you do leave, the worst thing they can say about you is “there goes an awesome employee’.

More importantly, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that even in less than ideal conditions you acted with honor and integrity.

And that’s worth a lot.

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