JOB SEARCH TIP: You’re embarrassed, maybe angry. That’s okay. Let’s figure this out.

26 Jul

Losing a job and being unemployed is awful.

I know. I’ve been there.

You have lots of feelings—of loss, anger, frustration.

Aside from the loss of income, you often lose relationships and the meaning that can come from work.

In my ten years as an outplacement consultant, I saw most of my clients work through these feelings in a way that didn’t get in the way of their search. I’m not saying it was always easy for them—far from it. But with support from family, friends and a job support group they were able to push through.

There were times when a person needed additional help. There’s no shame in reaching out for additional help, but sadly some folks feel there is a stigma or that they will be labelled weak.


If you feel like all of this is getting to be too much, get help. And know there are people who are keeping a good thought for you as you migrate these challenging times.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free. Please pass along:


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