JOB SEARCH TIP: Maybe the recruiter was having a bad day, or maybe it’s a sign of something bigger.

29 Jul

new dayMy friend thought the interview was going well. Toward the end the recruiter asked him if he had any questions. He had done quite a bit of homework about the company so didn’t feel a need to ask much on that topic, but asked the following:

“What is the culture like here?”

“Is this a fun place to work?”

“How do team members get along?”

“How often do we meet as a team?”

“What do customers say about the firm?”

Important questions, right?

The recruiter couldn’t answer ANY of them.

Not one.


Maybe the recruiter had a bad day, or MAYBE the performance of the recruiter is a reflection of a company that doesn’t know what it stands for and the culture they are building.

I encouraged my friend to network with current and former employees to find out more.

Having a good job is important, but company culture is important too.

Do your homework.

It’s a new day. Let’s get started.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free. Please pass along:

Photo– sunrise on the North Shore of Lake Superior, July 2020.

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