JOB SEARCH TIP: The “Chicken Soup for the Soul” author got rejected 144 rejections. Hang in there.

6 Aug

You’ve seen these books, right? There is now a series of “Chicken Soup” books, but that wasn’t always the case. Jack Canfield reportedly got 144 rejection letters before he finally got a yes.

And the rest is publishing history.

I hope you don’t get 144 rejections before you find your job, but rejection is part of the process.

It never feels good.

So what can you do?

  • Ask if an employer who rejected you will offer some feedback, and keep what they say in mind.
  • Ask networking contacts for feedback, including what they know about you and what they know about employers you are targeting.
  • Continue to work your plan, every day, recognizing that you are taking steps that are within your control.
  • If you have difficulties that impact your health, seek help.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free:


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