“How much of me do I get to bring to work today?”

8 Sep

I have a good friend at work with whom I collaborate frequently. He and I were about to call on a prospective client we had not met. We weren’t sure how the meeting would go, but just before the call I said, a bit in jest: “Hey, how much of me do I get to bring to the meeting today?”

He smiled and said: “Bring all of you, Mark!”

Both of us brought our true selves, our best that day, and we had a great meeting.

To the degree you can, find a place where you can bring all of you, your interests, your skills, you passions, and your goals. If the culture of a prospective employer feels like they don’t want all of you, the authentic you, it’s probably worth taking a pass.

Don’t settle. Find a place that will welcome every interest, skill and passion that is you.

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community. Please pass along: https://www.thetablempls.com/jobresources 

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