Not all networking is created equal:

10 Sep

I hope you know how important networking is to the success of your job search. But are some contacts more beneficial than others? Is it more important to network with a former co-worker, or network with someone who is a friend in your personal community?

One research study suggests the former is better:

“We show that it is crucial to distinguish between network members who share occupational characteristics (work ties) and network members who do not (communal ties) Work ties tend to provide job information that matches job seekers and job characteristics, whereas communal ties often provide less accurate information.”

According to the study, folks who network more with “work ties” were re-employed, on average, more quickly.

It’s okay to network with a friend, but make sure that contact is someone who is a position to help provide insights about your job or industry.

All networking is good, but put focus on work ties.

It’s a new day. Let’s get started.

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community. Please pass along:

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