JOB SEARCH TIP: Be like Mr. Spock. Tell the truth.

26 Sep

Yes, I’m a Trekkie. (Original Series, but Captain Picard).

You may recall that the three main characters each had different strengths, and along with his deep knowledge Mr. Spock was wired to tell the truth.

In one movie it appeared that he lied, and when called out by one of this fellow Vulcan’s he said: “I didn’t lie. I implied.”

This sort of thing makes for good theater, but in the job search you don’t even want the hint you’ve implied something.

You want to tell the truth, all the time.

Full stop.

In some cases, being honest may put you in a bad light. For example, you may have a gap in your work experience. Aside from the fact that lots of folks do and it doesn’t in any way predict your ability to do a job, there might contrive a story about the work gap.

Tell the truth.

To be sure, you can explain yourself and highlight your skills and experiences in a way that helps them see your positives, but don’t fib about the experience.

Give how transparent things are these days the truth will probably come out anyway, so be up front with a hiring manager.

Tell your story, even the areas that may not seem as positive.

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