JOB SEARCH TIP: Tell stories with happy endings.

3 Oct

I always wanted to be Indiana Jones, but like him I don’t much like snakes.

I liked that those movies delivered a happy ending, and as a job seeker you’ll need to tell stories with happy endings to prospective employers.

You’ll be often asked to tell those stories when they ask you a question that starts like “tell me about a time when…”

Those happy stories will need to have four parts:

1. What was the problem or challenge you faced?

2. What did you do?

3. What were the results you achieved?

4. What did you learn that you could apply here?

To get ready, write every story down, then learn them and practice telling them. You’ll need several, because maybe an interviewer wants the Star Wars story and not Indy Jones.

People like stories. Give them Indy and Yoda and snakes and light sabers and all.

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There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free:

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