To inspire employees, plan your route before you head out the door.

15 Oct

There’s an old joke about a driver who was pulled over for speeding. When asked why so fast the driver said: “I don’t know where I’m going, but wherever it is I’m making record time.”

When it comes to corporate recognition programs, it feels like folks have often headed out the door going at full speed but without a map of where they want to go.

To maximize the investment in a recognition program, consider a few key questions:

~ How does a recognition program support our overall organizational objectives?

~ How can a recognition strategy support other initiatives, such as our desire to have a more inclusive culture?

~ Do our managers understand how recognition can impact business results?

~ What should be recognized annually, quarterly and even more frequently?

~ Do we recognize outcomes, or is progress toward success worth recognizing?

~ Who should be recognized?

~ What rewards would most inspire those who receive recognition?

Inspiring employees in these challenging times can be a key cultural differentiator. If you plan your route you’ll truly make record time.

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