JOB SEARCH TIP: Making the most of a “bridge” job.

24 Oct

While most of us want our dream job, the reality is we may have to settle for something less.

If an ideal job isn’t available, you can choose a “bridge job”, which I define as less than ideal but one you can be employed now and use to “bridge” to that better opportunity.

Sometimes a bridge job is just about getting a paycheck. But here are some other ways you can think about this tactic:

  • Learn a new skill. Consider bridge jobs where you can learn a new skill or gain experience that would make you more valuable for your future dream job.
  • Make new contacts. Choose a job where you could make some contacts that could help you in your career.
  • References. Be awesome in your bridge job so that you earn a reference.

Not all bridge jobs are created equal. If you choose this route, pick a bridge job that helps you move forward, which gets you from one side of the bridge to the other.

It’s a great day. Let’s get moving.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community. This content is free: 

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