JOB SEARCH TIP: Many eyes may be on the U.S. election, but you can still advance your job search.

3 Nov

It’s election day in the United States. This is a big deal, and there will be lots of attention paid, justifiably, to this event.

But you can still advance your job search:

~ I just checked, and there are still postings on job boards! Take a peek and see if a new opportunity looks right for you and get that application and resume posted.

~ The internet still works and libraries are still open, so you today can be a time for you to conduct research about prospective employers and maybe an new industry you’re exploring.

~ There may be some folks who would love to take a few minutes for a networking call today to distract them, so go ahead and ask! And if folks don’t want to meet today, perhaps you can use today to schedule a time for a networking meeting sometime down the road.

If you are here in the U.S., please vote (safely) if you haven’t already done so, but if you’re in the job search this can still be a productive day to advance you toward your ultimate goal.

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community. Please pass along:  All posts at

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