John Wooden’s leadership secret: “like this.”

12 Nov

The great basketball coach John Wooden had a unique approach—he didn’t spend much time telling players what they did wrong and how to fix what they did wrong. Instead, he showed employees the right way to do something and affirmed them when they performed accordingly.

“Like this,” he would say.

It turns out this approach works in other places. In a recent study we found that a large region of a retailer had better sales and customer satisfaction when employees were more frequently recognized for living out the corporate values with customers.

Like this.

This is but one example of where a gamification technique such as the badging of key behaviors in a recognition program can be an invaluable business tool. Employees will repeat those actions for which they are recognized, and in the case of this retailer that produced better sales and customer satisfaction.

“Like this” is a simple yet powerful approach to aligning employee behavior to generate results.

#ThankYouThursday #recognition  #appreciation #gratitude #grateful #inspiration

My employer has created a free site to recognize folks. Use it as often as you would like! Give some appreciation, right now:

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