JOB SEARCH TIP: You have a job and want a different job where you work…

15 Nov

You see an internal job post where you work. It looks like a job you would have a real chance of getting, and it fits your career plans. Since it’s an internal post you probably don’t need to do the things you would do for an external post, right?


You should put in as much effort into an internal posting. You’ll want to:

  • validate that the job is a good fit,
  • prepare a cover letter and resume that is customized to the opportunity,
  • network with people who know about the job and can provide good coaching,
  • do homework to determine salary, if that information isn’t available,
  • practice for an interview so you can tell your story and connect to the job requirements, and
  • prepare follow up correspondence after the interview.

All this work may seem unnecessary, but these tasks are all within your control and give you the best chance possible to be successful.

Do the work. Identify needs. Tell your story.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community. This content is free:  All the posts at

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