My golfing buddies know where I got my new driver—the benefits of non-cash rewards.

18 Nov

A couple of years ago I got some points from my company’s recognition platform.

I redeemed for a new golf club.

My golfing will attest that every time I hit a good shot (which isn’t as often as I would like) I’m likely to mention that I got the club because of recognition from my employer.

According to the academic research, I see “trophy value” in the club, and it is natural for me to share where I received this reward, in this case from my employer.

We will socialize a reward like this, but it is bad form to do so with cash—you just don’t talk about getting cash like you would an item like my new driver.

As you’re developing your recognition and reward strategy, take advantage of the “trophy value” of noncash awards.

And if you want to find me on the golf course, I’ll be in the rough.

#ThankYouThursday #recognition  #appreciation #gratitude #grateful #inspiration

My employer has created a free site to recognize folks. Use it as often as you would like! Give some appreciation, right now:

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