JOB SEARCH TIP: Being “made redundant” and other hurtful things you’ll hear.

22 Nov

Back in the day I spent time working in the United Kingdom. When someone loses their job because of a downsizing or merger, there is a term they use:


They say: “you have been made redundant.”

Although accurate, it’s terribly hurtful. Demeaning.

When you’re unemployed, you’re going to hear words, like redundant, said about you.

Those words aren’t you.

They’re words that a broken, inhumane society says, but they’re not you.

You, rather, have talents.

You have skills.

You have goals.

You have ways you can contribute.

Never, ever, forget that have been made to do work, to add value, and to find satisfaction in helping a group achieve something meaningful.

The last thing you are is redundant.

Stay in the game.

Do your homework.

Tell your story.

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