30 Nov

From October to the end of the first semester at Colgate University, with over 3,000 folks on campus, there were no reported COVID cases.


Their success was attributed to an evidence-based plan that was passionately communicated, but one action that set the tone early in the semester was President Brian Casey living in a dorm in quarantine for fourteen days, the same action each student had to endure.

He acknowledged to the campus that this was going to be difficult, but it could be done.

I’m sure Dr. Casey didn’t want to live in a dorm, but in doing so he exhibited a sense of empathy and presence. He led.

The campus responded accordingly, and a semester of school is safely in the books.

My friend and collaborator @bradshuck has carefully studied leaders who behave this way, who are leading in these challenging times and achieving remarkable results.

He calls this approach “Compassionate Leadership”, and his research clearly shows six behaviors that more effectively engage and inspire.

You might not need to quarantine in a dorm for two weeks to make your point, but take a page from Dr. Casey—leading with compassion can make all the difference.

#leadership #engagement #compassionateleadership

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