JOB SEARCH TIP: What’s That For? Find the Flour and Brush Up on Some Skills.

5 Dec

There was a time when our daughter was in the kitchen with my wife and me. She looked across the room, pointed, and said: “Mommy, what’s that for?”

She meant our oven.

Yes, there was a period of raising our kids when we weren’t doing a lot of cooking. Having said that, I was trained to cook by my mom and grandfather, and when the pandemic hit we weren’t going out to each as much so I brushed off some of those cooking chops.

As you think about your job search, there may some skills you haven’t used for a bit, but if you cracked  open the recipe book and fired up the oven you could improve your chances of securing a new job:

~ taking some online training,

~ reading up or networking with folks from a former industry,

~ volunteering with others where you take a leadership role.

To be sure, most employers will be interested in the skills and accomplishments in your more recent history, but there may something in your skillset that is worth returning to; to revisit and to hone again.

Grab the knives and sharpen them. It’s time to draw upon the old to make something new.

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community: 

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