Why getting a new golf club didn’t get me in trouble at home– the concept of justifiability.

10 Dec

My wife and I were making some home improvements, so buying a new golf club wasn’t really in the budget. But when I received points from my workplace that I could use to redeem an award, I used those points to get my new club, which didn’t dip into the home improvement budget.

This is an example of why noncash awards from employers are helpful. They provide what academics call “justifiability”, where in my case I can redeem for a new golf club from my company recognition program and not feel guilty about taking away from our home improvement budget.

A noncash award such as a golf club also has the benefit of one where I would likely socialize that I received the award from my employer, and if you want to know how many times I’ve said that to the guys in my regular foursome they’ll tell you I say it every time I hit a good shot!

The psychology around the value of noncash awards is sound:when you’re developing plans for your company recognition program, use noncash rewards to engage and inspire your employees.

For discussion: In what ways can noncash awards be used to inspire your employees?

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