Want a more inspired and engaged sales team? Lead with compassion.

14 Dec

In these changing times we need to help our sales leaders inspire and engage their sales teams to meet new expectations, including how customers buy.

These changes require strong leadership and, according to our research, the right kind of leadership.

This summer we conducted a study of engagement patterns of sales producers. We asked them how they felt about their work experience. We looked at several factors we know align with the Compassionate Leadership model researched by Brad Shuck.

Sales reps rated factors such as:

~ Did the sales representative feel they were understood by their leader?

~ Were their ideas taken seriously?

~ Did their leader act with their best interests in mind?

~ Did the sales representative believe that if they did good work their efforts would be recognized?

The results are clear—sales employees who rate these parts of their work experience and sales leadership are, on average, more engaged, committed and inspired than those who aren’t.

Compassionate leadership is the call for our challenging times. When sales employees are more inspired and engaged, they’re more likely to produce better sales results.

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