The pandemic has changed how we do business. Has your recruiting and hiring process changed?

27 Jan

So much of our life has been dramatically changed by the pandemic, including our work. Many companies have employees performing different duties, some employees are now remote, and new roles have emerged.

Are you ignoring these new realities? Are you:

· using the same competencies and persona for a job that has changed?

· still using the same sources to recruit, even though you may be looking for different employees?

· communicating the same messages to attract employees even though roles have changed?

· assessing employees for a set of competencies that are no longer relevant?

· failing to train and reinforce to managers the importance of having a slate of candidates that is inclusive of all prospective employees?

· not understanding the link between your work culture and your ability to recruit?

It makes sense to review this work regularly, but in the midst of our changing world of work it is even more important we ensure our recruiting and hiring process is aligned with and supportive of our changing needs.

My thanks to Amy Stern, Merle Riepe, PhD, Shane Bernstein and Matt Givand for helping me think through these questions!

#hiring #recruitment

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