Just like my herb plants, bend toward the light.

30 Jan

To keep myself occupied and out of the hair of Mrs. Hirschfeld, I planted an herb window garden. Included in my assortment are the “Simon and Garfunkel” combo—parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

The fledgling plants bend.

They bend toward the sun.

Toward the light, which helps them grow and thrive.

If you’re in the job search, you too should bend toward the light, toward what will help you thrive.

Bending toward the light will mean something different for each of us, but here are a few ways:

~ Get a coach and some good friends who will provide encouragement, guidance and inspiration,

~ Network, network, network. Interacting with new contacts can be difficult, but most often is positive and affirming.

~ Work hard on your search, AND take time to recharge. I find being in nature is helpful, but others it might be a good book or a satisfying movie.

~ Your “bending” may also mean you avoid negative people. That isn’t often easy, but think about who brings you light and who causes darkness.

~And don’t forget you can bring light to others, including .fellow job seekers

It can be a long and challenging road to securing a new job. Spend your time bending toward the light.

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