You can travel two job search tracks.

6 Feb

As a guy who grew up in a railroad town, I learned there was more than one track that can get you where you want to go. When it comes to your job search, you too can have more than one track.

Here are examples of job search tracks:

~ Same job, same industry.

~ Same job, different industry.

~ Different job, same industry.

~ Different job, different industry.

~ Self-employment.

With each of these tracks you would develop a different plan, approach different networking contacts, research different topics, and prepare your communications differently. For example, with “different job, same industry” you might use a functional resume to highlight your strengths, where with “same job, same industry” a more traditional chronological resume might be fine.

You could have two tracks to your job search, and can advance both at the same time.

Determine your goals. Make your plan. Do your homework. Tell your story.

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