A lesson in leadership from a seemingly unlikely place.

8 Feb

Our son, who is on the autism spectrum, has been living in a group home managed by Hammer Residences, Inc.. For the last eleven years the agency has been named as one of the top places to work in Minnesota.

Eleven straight years.

Being named on this list for eleven years, folks, isn’t by luck or chance.

It’s about leadership.

Compassionate leadership.

The point of view of the agency is that if they create a caring work culture that engages and inspires their employees that the residents will be served better.

And that’s EXACTLY what is happening.

More broadly, it is yet another example of how great leadership, in any sector or industry, makes a difference.

It makes a difference for those employed.

It makes a difference for those the employer serves.

And I would argue in makes a difference for the community.

Compassionate leadership matters.

On a personal note, last Friday our son, his house mates and the staff that serves them (heroes in my book) were given their first COVID-19 vaccination. Gratitude to the State of Minnesota for prioritizing these groups.

#leadership #compassionateleadership

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