Incentives can inspire change. Just ask a new parent.

11 Feb

“The basic idea that incentives can be used to motivate behavior is a powerful one. It works for employees, and it has a clear place in parenting, as anyone who has tried to potty-train a recalcitrant toddler with sticker rewards knows.” ~ Economist Emily Oster

Sales incentives, when aligned with strategy and properly implemented, can inspire employees to greater productivity. Here are some broad principles to keep in mind:

~ There are different incentives. Design the program to meet your goals and align with your strategy.

~ Know your audience and what will inspire different segments of your team.

~ Reward top performers but know that all producers can be inspired.

~ Make sure your #incentives complement and align to your #compensation plan.

~ Help your sales team learn so they can be confident in a changing market with new customer expectations.

~ Allowing folks to contribute to their own #goals is exceptionally powerful.

~ Offer meaningful and memorable noncash rewards.

We have opportunities to inspire our #sales teams. Let’s get at it.

#ThankYouThursday #recognition  #appreciation #gratitude #grateful #inspiration

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