JOB SEARCH TIP: Being “made redundant” and other hurtful things you’ll hear.

22 Nov

Back in the day I spent time working in the United Kingdom. When someone loses their job because of a downsizing or merger, there is a term they use:


They say: “you have been made redundant.”

Although accurate, it’s terribly hurtful. Demeaning.

When you’re unemployed, you’re going to hear words, like redundant, said about you.

Those words aren’t you.

They’re words that a broken, inhumane society says, but they’re not you.

You, rather, have talents.

You have skills.

You have goals.

You have ways you can contribute.

Never, ever, forget that have been made to do work, to add value, and to find satisfaction in helping a group achieve something meaningful.

The last thing you are is redundant.

Stay in the game.

Do your homework.

Tell your story.

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JOB SEARCH TIP: Let the Johari Window inform your job search.

21 Nov

Have you heard of the Johari Window? According to Wikipedia, it “is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others.”

According to the model, each of us has BLIND SPOTS. We can reduce blind spots by asking for feedback. For your job search you might ask former co-workers, bosses or customers to give you feedback about your career and how you could improve.

Each of also put on a FAÇADE and don’t reveal our true self. We may need to keep some things close, but there are also likely things we can share that would reveal more of our true self and, in doing so, may create more interest to prospective employers. This would require us to self-reveal, which isn’t always easy. Often a close friend/coach can be a place to start that process.

Using these techniques will not only help your career search, but can be useful in all parts of our life.

(More about Johari Window:

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How have you found your jobs?

19 Nov

I’ve got a short survey out on Twitter and LinkedIn. Here the question:

In my career there were times I ended up in a new job when I wasn’t actually looking, either by referral or approached by an employer. You?

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My golfing buddies know where I got my new driver—the benefits of non-cash rewards.

18 Nov

A couple of years ago I got some points from my company’s recognition platform.

I redeemed for a new golf club.

My golfing will attest that every time I hit a good shot (which isn’t as often as I would like) I’m likely to mention that I got the club because of recognition from my employer.

According to the academic research, I see “trophy value” in the club, and it is natural for me to share where I received this reward, in this case from my employer.

We will socialize a reward like this, but it is bad form to do so with cash—you just don’t talk about getting cash like you would an item like my new driver.

As you’re developing your recognition and reward strategy, take advantage of the “trophy value” of noncash awards.

And if you want to find me on the golf course, I’ll be in the rough.

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JOB SEARCH TIP: One Job Search Size Does Not Fit All.

17 Nov

I’ve spent too much time complaining about… socks. Why, because too many socks are one-size-fits-all, which if you have a size fourteen shoe like me that means no-size-fits-all.

I’m old enough to remember when having one resume and cover letter was standard fare, which you carefully prepared on your typewriter and copied.

Those days are gone.

You now have the ability to customize all your job search communications. You could apply to ten different jobs and have ten different cover letters and resumes.

Really, why?

When you take the time to customize your messaging to a specific employer, you increase the perception that you have done your homework about the employer and are truly interested in them.

They like people who show interest—they’re funny that way.

To have one “cookie cutter” set of correspondence these days is just plain lazy, and makes you stand out in a way that doesn’t advance your search.

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16 Nov

I saw this quote on social media: “Being a leader means bothering to listen.”

The word “bother” may have different connotations across the globe, but in my neck of the woods it feels like we must do better than merely “bothering” to listen to our team members.

We must embrace listening to our team members.

We must look forward to listening.

We must take joy in doing so.

We must listen when we disagree.

We must listen when there is conflict.

We must listen when there is concern, even fear.

We must listen when there is joy and celebration.

We must listen.

We most go beyond “bothering” to listen to embracing the act.


When folks are heard, truly heard, there is more engagement

When they are heard, truly heard, there is more inspiration and creativity.

When they are heard, there is more commitment.

According to research from my friend and colleague Dr. Brad Shuck, outstanding, compassionate, leaders are present for their team members, listen actively and without distraction, and stay in the moment.

Leaders who listen are leaders who inspire and engage their teams.

Are you listening?

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JOB SEARCH TIP: You have a job and want a different job where you work…

15 Nov

You see an internal job post where you work. It looks like a job you would have a real chance of getting, and it fits your career plans. Since it’s an internal post you probably don’t need to do the things you would do for an external post, right?


You should put in as much effort into an internal posting. You’ll want to:

  • validate that the job is a good fit,
  • prepare a cover letter and resume that is customized to the opportunity,
  • network with people who know about the job and can provide good coaching,
  • do homework to determine salary, if that information isn’t available,
  • practice for an interview so you can tell your story and connect to the job requirements, and
  • prepare follow up correspondence after the interview.

All this work may seem unnecessary, but these tasks are all within your control and give you the best chance possible to be successful.

Do the work. Identify needs. Tell your story.

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JOB SEARCH TIP: Don’t forget to say thank you.

14 Nov

In your job search you will meet many people. Some of those contacts will be helpful, some won’t be particularly helpful, and some may be downright annoying.

Thank them all.

Say thank you to each contact you make in your job search.

No exceptions.

If I have a mailing address I prefer go old school and write a note. It’s a nice touch and will differentiate you because most people won’t make the effort.

In absence of that you can also send something electronically. I’m posting below a free site created by my employer. I posted this yesterday, so forgive me if I’m sounding like a stuck record. It has several card options and is easy to use. You don’t have to use this site,  but do something.

There is so much in your job search you can’t control, but this is something that is within your control.

Aside from being a smart thing to do it also happens to be, in my view, a kind and considerate thing to do.

And I think the world can always use a bit more of those qualities, don’t you?

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free: 

JOB SEARCH TIP: A healthy diet has a diversity of healthy foods. Your network would benefit from more diversity.

13 Nov

A former colleague, Dr. Kenneth Liggett, had a wonderful metaphor about healthy relationships:

“Mark, let’s say you want to eat healthier. You know apples are healthy, so you create a diet where you only eat apples. But that wouldn’t be healthy, would it? To have a healthy diet you need a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables and proteins.”

He continued: “The same thing is true with your network of relationships. If you only have “apples” you don’t have a healthy network. You need different, healthy relationships in order to have a truly healthy network.”

Think about your current network—do you have diversity, or do you only have “apples”?

As a job seeker, having a more diverse network can help you in so many ways. A more diverse network can “see” things about you that a more homogenous network can’t. They may have insights about job opportunities that you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.

Over the last several months I’ve been intentional about expanding my network. I’ve met some wonderful folks and learned a lot.

To expand your opportunities, diversify your network.

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John Wooden’s leadership secret: “like this.”

12 Nov

The great basketball coach John Wooden had a unique approach—he didn’t spend much time telling players what they did wrong and how to fix what they did wrong. Instead, he showed employees the right way to do something and affirmed them when they performed accordingly.

“Like this,” he would say.

It turns out this approach works in other places. In a recent study we found that a large region of a retailer had better sales and customer satisfaction when employees were more frequently recognized for living out the corporate values with customers.

Like this.

This is but one example of where a gamification technique such as the badging of key behaviors in a recognition program can be an invaluable business tool. Employees will repeat those actions for which they are recognized, and in the case of this retailer that produced better sales and customer satisfaction.

“Like this” is a simple yet powerful approach to aligning employee behavior to generate results.

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