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High Praise???

28 Aug

Yesterday I posted a video from a company called Rackspace, where highly engaged employees providing “fanatical service” is the norm. I’m sure they wouldn’t endose this approach to praise…

Open Communication???

9 Aug

It’s helpful to be able to share whatever is on your mind…

High Potential Employee???

28 Mar

This guy is bringing the sales-per-employee way, way, down…

What Does The “H” In H.R. Stand For Anyway???

8 Mar

“Humiliating”, I think…

Hidden Talent???

28 Feb

We want our associates to discover their strengths, but there are limits…

Enlightened Supervision???

21 Feb

That’s Not Decaf, Is It?

8 Feb

Hope you have a terrific week! Thought it might be good to start it with a smile:

Strategic Thinking???

24 Jan