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Good and Bad Ways to Retain Employees

3 Sep

Cute video scenes on good and bad ways to retain employees. The “bad” are supposed to be spoofs, but sadly they are more real than we would like to admit.

High Praise???

28 Aug

Yesterday I posted a video from a company called Rackspace, where highly engaged employees providing “fanatical service” is the norm. I’m sure they wouldn’t endose this approach to praise…

Business Travel Not What It Used To Be???

22 Aug

I travelled this week for business, and felt a lot like this! Have a wonderful weekend, Mark

Is This Customer Service At Your Business???

14 Aug

Maybe your call center staff aren’t as engaged as you might hope…

Open Communication???

9 Aug

It’s helpful to be able to¬†share whatever is on your mind…

High Potential Employee???

28 Mar

This guy is bringing the sales-per-employee way, way, down…

How NOT To Conduct A Job Interview

14 Mar

Alas, many go exactly this way… have you checked out how HR is representing your company?

What Does The “H” In H.R. Stand For Anyway???

8 Mar

“Humiliating”, I think…

Hidden Talent???

28 Feb

We want our associates to discover their strengths, but there are limits…

Enlightened Supervision???

21 Feb