JOB SEARCH TIP: Do you get a kick?

23 Jun

My mentor and friend Don Clifton told a story about a neighbor who made his living as a master woodworker. One day Don went to his shop. He watched him mitering the corners of a picture frame, which came out perfect and looked beautiful. When the job was done Don’s friend looked at him and said: “Don, you got to get a kick out of it every time it fits like that.”

There is some work for which we find tremendous joy and satisfaction, and then there is work that we may do well but is life-draining. Don’s friend had been a woodworker for many years, but still enjoyed when he did the task well.

To the degree you can, find work for which you get a kick, that provides that same kind of feeling. If you don’t know what that might be, step back and reflect on your past work and think about times when your work, even modest tasks, provided that satisfaction.

You’ll probably be asked a question like “what do you find most satisfying in your work?” You’ll have an answer, and a savvy employer will want you if what you enjoy fits with the work they are offering.

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