JOB SEARCH TIP: Think carefully about your online presence.

24 Jun

When I started coaching job seekers in 1994 I didn’t have to worry about social media presence… because platforms like Facebook didn’t exist! We did dump things in 1994, but they weren’t on a platform that could be seen across the globe.

Each of is free to express our views online, from our passions about binge-worthy shows to commenting on the politics of the day. But we need to keep in mind that our online activities can be seen and reviewed by prospective employers.

Even the most open-minded of employers may be concerned about some of your online content, including those photos you willingly posed for last weekend where you may not be practicing social distancing at a beach party.

So if you’re in a job search, just think a bit about whether something needs to be posted to one of the many online portals. And if you’re worried that less activity might bring the social media giants to their knees, I’ll think they’ll be just fine.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout the videos reference. This content is free. Please consider passing along:

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