JOB SEARCH TIP: Help the “Resume Computer” fall in love with you.

19 Jul

Want the “Resume Computer” to love you? Think keywords.

Most resumes these days are loaded into an applicant tracking system. A common feature of these systems allows employers to search for words for each resume and match them to the job description. Please represent yourself accurately, but do make sure you align keywords in your resume to provide you the best chance for an interview.

As an example, a functional strength of yours is “teamwork”. You see a job description where they use the word “collaboration”. It would better for you to amend your resume to use their word to describe what is likely much the same set of behaviors—so  change “teamwork” to “collaboration” on your resume. .

You can also add the hashtag #collaboration to your resume—this is perfectly appropriate if it still represents you.

Let’s be clear—you should never misrepresent yourself in any way, so if the change is untrue it should not be done. But if you can make the change so the computer algorithm rates you higher then make the change.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free:


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