JOB SEARCH TIP: Different resumes tell different stories—the functional resume. 

19 Jul

I met recently with a person who looking for a job. She’s had three positions in different industries. She’s been successful in each and has enjoyed the work, but is concerned she may have difficulty explaining how her work could interest a prospective employer.

If this sounds like you, prepare a functional resume.

Instead of having your resume present your job experiences in chronological order, think about those skills and experiences that go across jobs. Present your experiences in those functional categories, such as “customer services” or “communications” or “project management”. This can help a prospective employer sort through what you’ve done to see if those areas match their job requirements.

To customize your resume for each job, you can order the functional categories in the order you believe will best present yourself to a specific employer.

Finally, list your where you’ve worked toward the end of the resume.

Remember, when you’re preparing a resume you’re telling part of your story to a prospective employer. Tell is in a way the enhances your standing.

There is additional information about functional resumes at the web site of my church. This content is free:


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