JOB SEARCH TIP: If I can fix my vacuum cleaner, you can change your job search mindset.

7 Aug

I’m not mechanically inclined… at all.

But when our vacuum cleaner quit recently, instead of asking for help I sat down, took my time, and figured out what needed to be done.

It wasn’t easy, but rather than saying “that’s something I can’t do”, I changed my mindset.

Researchers have learned that our mindset can impact how we deal with change. Some of us have a “fixed” mindset, and feel we often can’t make changes in our life. Others have more of a “growth” mindset, where we are open to learning and new experiences.

In the job search, a “growth” mindset can be a positive asset.

Some “fixed” mindsets that could hurt your search:

“I don’t know anyone at that company.”

“I don’t have the right qualifications.”

“I could never learn how to network.”

You CAN change, you CAN grow.

Check your mindsets, and then get out there and make this day productive.

Want to learn more about these mindsets? Go to:

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community. Please pass along:


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