JOB SEARCH TIP: Volunteer to gain job skills.

9 Aug

Early in my career I was looking for ways to showcase my leadership skills. I had some experience at work, but strengthened my case with volunteer activities.

I wasn’t paid for this work, but that didn’t mean the experience was without value. In one of my volunteer activities I learned a lot of getting a group of people with different ideas to work together and to manage the conflict that naturally arises from the collaboration.

If you have these experiences, highlight them when they help you tell your story.

Don’t have any volunteer experiences? Not to worry. Even in the midst of the pandemic, you can find ways to volunteer and help out.

Importantly, volunteer where you feel you can make a difference and do so because the cause is worthy, and as a benefit you gain some skills as well.

Where I live there are thousands of nonprofits who need help, and I bet where you live there are plenty of good choices.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community. This content is free:


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