JOB SEARCH TIP: Two weeks of Dr. Clifton starts with a method for identifying your strengths

9 Aug


In his ground-breaking book “Soar with Your Strengths” my mentor Dr. Donald Clifton (pictured in 1983) identified a hierarchy that was designed to help folks think about what might be their strengths:

  1. YEARNINGS—those things for which we have interest,
  2. SATISFACTIONS—the kind of work you actually enjoy,
  3. RAPID LEANING—times when you learn new parts of a job easily and quickly,
  4. GLIMPSES, when you maybe aren’t excellent, but you are showing glimpses of success, and
  5. TOTAL PERFORMANCE, those roles or tasks where you have achieved excellence.

I’ll speak more about each of this in subsequent posts. You can use these five factors to think about how you can identify your strengths, the talents for which an employer will pay you well to help them contribute to the success of the organization.

You too, can soar with your strengths.

The posts for the next couple weeks are inspired by the man who inspired me, Donald O. Clifton. Regards, Mark

There are free training videos on the web site of my faith community:


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