JOB SEARCH TIP: Past performance is predictive of future behavior—insights from Dr. Clifton.

18 Aug


I had an opportunity to interview a very successful sales rep. She had been recruited by her employer out of college with a degree in music, which seemed like a unique path to sales. I asked her why the company hired her, she said: “They told me they had training for new people, and they liked that I had been the lead fund raiser for the band for three years and had raised over $100,000 for new uniforms and equipment.”

Dr. Clifton would say: “past performance is predictive of future behavior.” While not every music major can be a successful sales rep, she had shown a behavior– fund raising– that could be a predictor of success.

Think deeply about your past behaviors, including work, volunteer and personal experiences, to gain clues as areas where you might have potential, and then tell your story.

The posts for the next couple weeks are inspired by a man who inspired me, Donald O. Clifton.

There are training videos on the web site of my faith community and a handout. This content is free:

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